Hundreds of kilometers of cross country mtb trails among mule tracks, dirt roads and single trails. You have the technical path for the expert biker and the easy trail, for a family adventure or for those who like to take it easy.

cross country mtb nel parco dello stelvio

Cross Country mtb | Advised itineraries

1) Ride into the woods | Bormio 2000 – Santa Caterina Valfurva

In Bormio 2000 there is an enchanting mtb ride that goes into the woods within the Stelvio National Park!

Once you reach Bormio 2000, follow the flat dirt read S543 which taks you through the pine forest towards “Baita Pozzo dell’Acqua”. Continue until you find a juncture and take S543.2 which goes down to “Monti di Sobretta”. Follow then S518 until “Sobretta di Sotto” and turn left on S522 to finally arrive to Santa Caterina Valfurva. The last downhill part is very technical and so is recommended only for expert bikers.

You may wanto return to Bormio by bus or by mtb on paved road (12 km all downhill, from 1,738 m to 1,225 m).

Technical data

  • Length 11,662 km
  • Height difference uphill 400 m
  • Height difference downhill 585 m
  • Maximum slope uphill 23 %
  • Maximum slope downhill 18 %
  • Maximum quota 2,137 m
  • Minimum quota 1,740 m
  • Accessibility for bikes 100 %

Pavement statistic

  • Natural pavement 95%
  • Asphalt pavement 5%

Cross country mbt: itinerario la pedalata nel bosco

Download the itinerary Ride into the woods in pdf format: Ride into the woods (ITA)

2) All downhill! | Cima Bianca – Bormio 2000

From Cima Bianca to Bormio 2000, more than 1,000 meters of vertical drop on a dirt road. Max fun, breathtaking views and no strain.

Reach the peak of the mountain with the cablecar  “Whitelady3000” and from Cima Bianca follow the dirt road (S541 e S542) which, with wide turns, takes you to La Rocca. From here turn left on S543.1 and finally on S543 to Bormio 2000.

Technical data

  • Length 7.224 km
  • Height difference uphill 0 m
  • Height difference downhill 1,080 m
  • Maximum slope uphill 0 %
  • Maximum slope downhill 17 %
  • Maximum quota 3,000 m
  • Minimum quota 1,920 m
  • Accessibility for bikes 100 %

Pavement statistic

  • Natural pavement 100%

Cross country mtb. Percorso tutto in discesa

Download the itinerary All Downhill! in pdf format: All downhill ! (ITA)

3) What a view! | Cimino – Bormio 2000

Take the chairlift Bormio 2000-Cimino. Once you have reached Cimino, take the dirt road S541, all downhill for about 1 km, until you find the top station of the ski lift Rocca Est. From here turn right on the single trail S542, towards “Baite di Sobrette”. The single trail is within the Stelvio National Park and offers marvellous views of the valley. At the first juncture turn left on S543 and then proceed all the way to Bormio 2000.

Technical data

  • Length 11.02 km
  • Height difference uphill 122 m
  • Height difference downhill 808 m
  • Maximum slope uphill 15 %
  • Maximum slope downhill 19 %
  • Accessibility for bikes 100 %

Pavement statistic

  • Natural pavement 100 %


Download the itinerary What a view! in pdf format: What a view! (ITA)

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