Downhill is an extreme discipline of mountain biking which may cause serious injuries. In order to prevent yourself from getting injured or injuring others we ask you to read carefully the Downhill Trail Rules of Bormio Bike Park.

Once you buy your bike pass you will be asked to sign the form which certifies you have examined and accepted the Downhill Trail Rules.

downhill trails rules

Downhill Trail Rules of Bormio Bike Park

  1. Entering the Downhill tracks entails the undertaking of full responsibility of your own behavior and consequences deriving from it.
  2. Once you enter the Downhill tracks you discharge Società Impianti Bormio from any kind of responsability civil or criminal, as a consequence of  injuries or illnesses caused to yourself or to a third party within the bike park area.
  3. The use of full face helmet and back protector is mandatory. We also recommend the use of gloves, eyes protectors, knee protectors and elbow protectors.
  4. We strongly recommend you take a first warm-up lap at slow speed.
  5. Make sure your mountain bike is functioning properly before you enter the Downhill trails.
  6. It is mandatory to keep a proper safety distance from you and the rider in front of you.
  7. Respect the other bikers and hikers. Always slow down when you pass someone.
  8. Always keep the control of your mountain bike and the appropriate speed according to your skills, your psychophysical conditions and tracks’ conditions.
  9. Stop only on the side of the track. It is forbidden to stand in all the points where there is low visibility.
  10. Respect signposts. It is mandatory to pay attention to signposting, especially nearby crossroads and intersections. Respect precedence towards cars, motorcycles and pedestrians too.
  11. It is mandatory to provide first aid in case of a biker needing or asking for help.
  12. Inform Bormio Bike’s staff in case of damages on the tracks or on the structures.
  13. Respect nature. Do not dirty or abandon garbage. Do not scare animals.
  14. Respect private property.