Steep, rough, cool, spectacular. 7 trails built for Downhill Mountain Biking and defeat gravity on various types of terrain: the stones at 3,000 meters, the soft terrain on the ski runs, the shaped track within the woods among natural and artificial obstacles.

The downhill trails, built since summer 2014, stretch from Cima Bianca (3,012 m) to Bormio 2000 (1,950 m).

In Bormio, by the bottom station of the cableway, you may find our mtb rental, equipped with downhill, electric and mountain bikes and run by our qualified staff to fix your mtb in case of damage and guarantee yourself a gravity day in total safety.

Bormio Bike Park became nationally popular in the summer 2014 when our gravity park hosted the prestigious final of Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia with a special track built for the occasion.

downhill mountain biking. rider in action on the viper track

Downhill Mountain Biking. Drop at Bormio Bike

Downhill Mountain Biking – The trails of Bormio Bike Park

The map of the downhill mountain biking trails

The official map of Bormio Bike Park 2019

1. Paul Newman

Red/blue | Winding track in Bormio 3000 made of several curves on rocky surface. First part more demanding, second part easy.

  • Length: 1,800 meters
  • Vertical drop: 356 meters
  • Max gradient: 25 °

2. Viper

Blue | Easy and fun track, suitable for anyone. Parabolic curves, average gradient and good speed. Perfect to improve your mountain biking skills. Panoramic view from up here.

  • Length: 2,100 meters
  • Vertical drop: 400 meters
  • Max gradient: 19°

3. Golf Club

Blue | Terrific trail within the woods and alongside the line of the ski lift Rocca Est. Wooden bridges and parabolic curves. Return to Bormio 2000 on the dirt road “Pozzo dell’acqua”.

  • Length: 1,700 meters
  • Vertical drop: 349 meters
  • Max gradient: 19°

4. Panther

Black | Technical track, steep, with narrow passages and a final drop from a big rock. Reserved to expert bikers only.

  • Length: 300 meters
  • Vertical drop: 40 meters
  • Max gradient: 30°

5. Hell Rocks

Black | Super steep trail reserved to expers bikers only and located in a “hellish” habitat.

  • Length: 400 meters
  • Vertical drop: 100 meters
  • Max gradient: 29°

6. Autobahn

Red | Fast and wide flow trail to speed up like on German highway with no speed limit. Jump areaoptional.

  • Length: 800 meters
  • Vertical drop: 548 meters
  • Max gradient: 19°

7. Zombie

Red | A.. scary trail! A fantastic flow track obtained alongside the line of a ski lift. In and out of the woods, parabolic curves, wooden structures, jumps and max speed. In the final part North Shore area

  • Length: 1,400 meters
  • Vertical drop: 253 meters
  • Max gradient: 23°