You have never tried downhill mountain biking or you want to better your skills? Choose the Bormio Downhill School, in the heart of the Alps.

Come and try our amazing Trek bikes, put on helmet and protectors, reach the peak – above 3,000 meters, and then, go! Ride along the downhill trails of Bormio Bike Park guided by the mtb instructor Alessandro Pigorini (Ale Kid).

The Bormio Downhill School is your best chance if you want to become a real rider with a complete 3-lesson course dedicated to first-timers of downhill mountain biking or to anyone who is willing to improve. Gravity will have no more secrets for you!

bormio downhill school

Bormio Downhill School: summer course 2020

Join the course both theoretical and practical condensed in 3 lessons to discover all the secrets of downhill. The first lesson will be necessary to check the level of all the participants and group them up in according to their riding skills. We will start with a simple approach and we will continue by growing the difficulty, always accompanied by the mtb instructor.

The mtb instructor Ale Kid has great skills, experience and style! He will take you along the incredible trails of Bormio Bike Park for a fun and safe experience! You are going to make quick and great progress on your mountain bike! We promise.


You have two options. Select your favorite week!

  • WEEK 1
    • Tuesday 21 July 2020
    • Thursday 23 July 2020
    • Saturday 25 July 2020
  • WEEK 2
    • Tuesday 28 July 2020
    • Thursday 30 July 2020
    • Saturday 1 August 2020

Every lesson lasts 3 hours. Based on the group you will be part of, the lesson will take place in the morning (9:00 am- 12:00 pm) or in the afternoon (2:00 pm – 5:00 pm).


  • 3-lesson course + bike pass: € 114.00
  • 3-lesson course + bike pass + mtb rent: € 174.00

It is possible to book one single lesson, too.

  • Single lesson + bike pass: € 40.00
  • Single lesson + bike pass + mtb rent: € 65.00

Info and registrations Bormio Downhill School

Call Ale for information and/or booking! +39 348 5445509