They call it “free” for a reason: style and interpretation of the itinerary are the key elements of Freeride mtb. Not to be missed, the itinerary Bormio 3000-Santa Caterina Valfurva: a great freeride adventure all downhill (13 km) with mandatory stop at the marvellous lakes “Bei Laghetti” and “Laghi di Profa”.

freeride mtb: itinerario consigliato Bormio 3000-Santa Caterina Valfurva

Epic freeride mtb itinerary: Bormio 3000 – Santa Caterina Valfurva

If you want to live a great freeride adventure you must try the itinerary that from Cima Bianca/Bormio 3000 takes to Santa Caterina Valfurva. It is a beautiful and fun trail set within breathtaking landscapes (inside the Stelvio National Park).

From Cima Bianca take a rocky single trail following S541 passing by Bei Laghetti and reaching Bocca di Profa. The first part of the itinerary is quite technical and the surroundings are just amazing with the wonderful blue of the lakes and the majesty of  the alpine environment. From Profa turn left on the trail S518 and continue for about 3 kms; proceed on S523. With a few ups and downs continue on S549 and S522 heading for your final destination Santa Caterina Valfurva.

From here you may return by bus or on paved road (12 km all downhill, from 1,761 m to 1,225 m)

Technical data

  • Length 13.353 km
  • Height difference uphill 254 m
  • Height difference downhill 1,514 m
  • Maximum slope uphill 24 %
  • Maximum slope downhill 10 %
  • Maximum quota 2,998 m
  • Minimum quota 1,740 m
  • Accessibility for bikes 100 %

Pavement statistic

  • Natural pavement 96 %
  • Asphalt pavement 4 %

Freeride mtb: itinerary Bormio 3000-Santa Caterina

Download the freeride mtb itinerary Bormio 3000-Santa Caterina: Freeride Bormio 3000

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