the video #defeatgravity

The video #defeatgravity behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: the filming techniques used in the video

Milky Way timelapse Bormio 3000 (00:12 – 00:16)

Francesco and Andrea took a photo of Bormio 3000’s landscape during the day. Then using Photoshop they made the picture look like nighttime and they cut out the mountain, deleting the original sky.

In After Effects they added a timelapse of the Milky Way in ther possession in place of the original sky and  in Davinci Resolve they fixed the colors of the picture and the timelapse to make everything look smooth.

This technique, instead of a simple timelapse, was used for the following reasons:

  • the security of having a clear view of the mountain
  • having the Milky Way in the right position
  • the possibility to freely choose the framing

Framing of the magician with air floating objects  (00:19 – 00:23)

On set the guys shot the magician at normale speed. Then, with the same exact framing, they shot the objects in slow-motion, one at the time, keeping them hung with a nylon cord.

In After Effects the object were cut out and a compositing with the magician’s framing was made.

In Davinci Resolve everything was made more homogenized.

Passage from the magician to the rider (00:32 – 00:55)

Francesco and Andrea first shot the framing with the rider. Then, they shot it again in slow-motion to get the effect of the dirt falling from the sky.

The framing started from behind a black panel which had a twig attached to it. Moving the camera from top to bottom, the woods would get unveiled with the rider in action.

Later, again in slow-motion, the scene of the magician was shot, starting with the framing of the hand and going to black, behind the panel.

Lining up the two framings, the passage from the mountain hut to the downhill trail was made.

Night/day rider passage (02:18 – 02:28)

Same method used in the Milky Way timelapse but with a mask in After Effects to make the night enter the scene.

Bormio is bike day everyday. The new video is online

The new video “Bormio is bike day everyday” is online and published on our YouTube channel. 

The video is a short movie realized by the local film crew Boormio Blog News. It’s a story about a young man who never get off his mountain bike. “The story telling – Massimo Canclini from Boormio Blog News reveals us – is a chronological sequence of the events through which the viewer follows the rider and, at the same time, discovers Bormio”.

The new promo video of Bormio Bike

Today, we are happy to launch the new promo video of Bormio Bike, the bike park at 3,000 meters.

Watch the spectacular takes realized and produced by FRAME Visuals: breathtaking views and super action clips. Attention though, after viewing this video, you will want to ride at Bormio Bike so badly.