bormio bike park 2019

Bormio Bike Park Opening 2019: Downhill MTB (and not only) from 6 July

The date of the Bormio Bike Park opening 2019 has been confirmed. The lifts will officially be open from Saturday 6 July.

Our trail builders are already at work on the Mount Vallecetta to remove the incredible snow accumulation still present at the top of mountain. No worries, though, snowfalls are over: summer in Bormio has definitely exploded, the downhill trails are now waiting for you!

Summer lifts in Bormio

Fast and comfortable: summer lifts easily connect the valley floor to the highest peaks where to enjoy a fabulous view or go for some amazin hiking or mountain biking.

Bormio, in the heart of the region Alta Valtellina, will have three summer lifts running from July 1, 2017:

  1. cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000
  2. chairlift Bormio 2000-Cimino
  3. cablecar Whitelady3000 (Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca)

Lifts open from August 1!

7-23-2014 Società Impianti Bormio is pleased to announce that Bormio Bike will officially open from August 1, 2014! On the Mt. Vallecetta the cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000 and the cablecar “Whitelady3000” Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca will be open everyday from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. The summer season of Bormio will…