impianti di risalita aperti in estate: la montagna di bormio 3000

Summer lifts in Bormio: open from 25 June 2022

Fast and comfortable: summer lifts easily connect the valley floor to the highest peaks where to enjoy wide open areas and the most fabulous views. The mountain is the place where to rediscover the contact with nature and do some amazing hiking or mountain biking.

In Bormio, in the heart of the region Alta Valtellina, we are finally ready to open respecting the safety of our customers and team members, in compliance with the anti-Covid rules. From Saturday 25 June to 11 September 2022 there will be three lifts open, everyday:

  • cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000
  • chairlift Bormio 2000-Cimino
  • cablecar Whitelady3000 (Bormio 2000-Cima Bianca)

Bormio Downhill School | Downhill MTB Course 2021

You have never tried downhill mountain biking or you want to better your skills? Choose the Bormio Downhill School, in the heart of the Alps.

Come and try our amazing Trek bikes, put on helmet and protectors, reach the peak – above 3,000 meters, and then, go! Ride along the downhill trails of Bormio Bike Park guided by the mtb instructor Alessandro Pigorini (Ale Kid).

The Bormio Downhill School is your best chance if you want to become a real rider with a complete 3-lesson course dedicated to first-timers of downhill mountain biking or to anyone who is willing to improve. Gravity will have no more secrets for you!

bormio downhill school

3 biker lungo il percorso de le 3 gondole

3 Gondole: the new E-Bike & MTB Tour of Summer 2022 in Bormio

Le 3 Gondole Tour may start without distinction from one of the three resorts.
The itinerary clockwise does not include much uphill riding. The big climbs are all with the lifts which comfortably allow the transportation of mountain bikes.

The tour has an overall length of 66 km to whom you need to add 7 km of uphill riding with the gondolas. The path is mainly on forest dirt roads, single trails and bike paths. You are required a good physical and technical (especially for downhill rides) preparation.

The estimated time of the journey varies greatly depending on your training and your MTB riding skills: from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 hours, including lunch.

Le 3 Gondole – E-Bike & MTB Tour: il profilo altimetrico del percorso

  • Minimum altitude : 951 meters
  • Max altitude: 2,700 meters
  • Length with MTB: 66 km
  • Net climb ↑: 3,360 meters
  • Net descent ↓: 3,361 meters
  • Pedalability: 100%

bici downhill usate: trek session 8

Second hand downhill mountain bikes

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come: second hand downhill mountain bikes are now for sale at our mtb rental!

You can now visit our mtb shop Bormio Rental to check out our downhill mountain bikes used for the last summer season. It’s a great opportunity for you but be quick: we have a limited number of bikes!

Our rental is selling downhill mountain bikes: Trek Session 8, year 2018 and 2019. But that’s not it. You can also find mountain and electric bikes by Rossignol.

All our mountain bikes may be viewed at our rental and eventually option for purchase which may happen after the closing of Bormio Bike Park (15 September 2019).

Our rental is open everyday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

bormio bike park 2019

Bormio Bike Park Opening 2019: Downhill MTB (and not only) from 6 July

The date of the Bormio Bike Park opening 2019 has been confirmed. The lifts will officially be open from Saturday 6 July.

Our trail builders are already at work on the Mount Vallecetta to remove the incredible snow accumulation still present at the top of mountain. No worries, though, snowfalls are over: summer in Bormio has definitely exploded, the downhill trails are now waiting for you!

Il gravity park Bormio Bike aperto dal 1 luglio

The gravity park Bormio Bike will be back from July 1 | All the news of 2017

Downhill trails that challenge the force of gravity

In Bormio (Alta Valtellina – Italy), summer has finally arrived. The warm temperatures of the last few weeks made the remaining snow quickly melt away. It is wonderful news for our gravity park which is about to open from July 1.

The summer season 2017 of the bike park is predicted as the best of all the time. There are several major news on the trail building side – already at work – which will turn upside-down the riding experience. Since the first DH trail, inaugurated in 2014 – many things have changed at the gravity park Bormio Bike: every year the research, the study and the evolution of our trails have constantly raised the bar of transformation.

Today we are proud to present a complete and equipped bike arena, able to satisfy the demands of pro and rookie riders.


Trek mountain bikes at the gravity park Bormio Bike!

The news you have been waiting for is finally official: Trek mountain bikes will be available at the gravity park Bormio Bike from the next summer season 2017!

Trek, worldwide leader in the mountain biking technology, will sustain our bike park’s project becoming the new official supplier of the bike rental.
It’s a very important partnership, then, for our company which will be linked to giant of the bike industry in the world.

Are you curious to know which model of Trek mountain bikes you will find at the park?
Santa Claus brought some marvellous downhill bikes: the Session 8 DH 27.5! ⇓

Trek mountain bikes: Session 8 DH 27.5

The Session is a World Cup champion bike and proven to be fastest downhill mountain bike. The suspension is amazing, probably the best that you have ever seen in the downhill mountain biking industry.

From next summer you will be able to rent your Session by purchasing the All Inclusive packages of Bormio Bike.

the video #defeatgravity

The video #defeatgravity behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: the filming techniques used in the video

Milky Way timelapse Bormio 3000 (00:12 – 00:16)

Francesco and Andrea took a photo of Bormio 3000’s landscape during the day. Then using Photoshop they made the picture look like nighttime and they cut out the mountain, deleting the original sky.

In After Effects they added a timelapse of the Milky Way in ther possession in place of the original sky and  in Davinci Resolve they fixed the colors of the picture and the timelapse to make everything look smooth.

This technique, instead of a simple timelapse, was used for the following reasons:

  • the security of having a clear view of the mountain
  • having the Milky Way in the right position
  • the possibility to freely choose the framing

Framing of the magician with air floating objects  (00:19 – 00:23)

On set the guys shot the magician at normale speed. Then, with the same exact framing, they shot the objects in slow-motion, one at the time, keeping them hung with a nylon cord.

In After Effects the object were cut out and a compositing with the magician’s framing was made.

In Davinci Resolve everything was made more homogenized.

Passage from the magician to the rider (00:32 – 00:55)

Francesco and Andrea first shot the framing with the rider. Then, they shot it again in slow-motion to get the effect of the dirt falling from the sky.

The framing started from behind a black panel which had a twig attached to it. Moving the camera from top to bottom, the woods would get unveiled with the rider in action.

Later, again in slow-motion, the scene of the magician was shot, starting with the framing of the hand and going to black, behind the panel.

Lining up the two framings, the passage from the mountain hut to the downhill trail was made.

Night/day rider passage (02:18 – 02:28)

Same method used in the Milky Way timelapse but with a mask in After Effects to make the night enter the scene.

all inclusive gravity pack

All Inclusive Gravity Pack

Would you like to try Downhill but you do not have the proper gear? Choose our All Inclusive Gravity Pack which allows you to try a fulfilling gravity experience. The package contains exactly anything that you need for an ultimate mountain biking day:

  • bike pass (for half day or whole day)
  • rental of mountain bike, full-face helmet and protectors (for half day or whole day)
  • quick lesson with mtb instructor for beginners

Our bike rental is equipped with Diamondback mountain bikes and Axo protectors. For further information on our rental click here

All Inclusive Gravity Pack. Mountain Bike Diamondback

All inclusive gravity pack. i prodotti axo

Gravity park in Bormio open from July 2, 2016

Bormio Bike, the ultimate gravity park in Bormio (Lombardia, Italy), will officially open from July 2, 2016.

The bike park of Bormio is an amibitious project led by Società Impianti Bormio s.p.a., born in the spring of 2012, with one great goal: developing an equipped bike arena with trails of different disciplines such as cross country, downhill and freeride for all levels, from beginner to pro.

Apertura gravity park a Bormio dal 2 luglio 2016. Rider in azione nella pineta.

From 2012 up to today the evolution and growth of the park have been exponential: on the mountain five new downhill trails were built for a total of 8 km. The bike park has also hosted two rounds of the National Circuit Gravitalia in 2014 and 2015.

Mtb thrift store

Bormio Bike’s mtb thrift store is open! It’s a great chance for downhill and freeride lovers!

The Commencal Supreme Racing bikes (size L and M) and all our Axo protectors (kneepads, back and elbow protectors, full face helmets and gloves) are for sale.

Those are all products used last summer at our bike park and now for sale at a very convenient price.

Bormio Bike ’till September 27

And so it comes September… And that means shorter days, lower temperatures and, believe it or not, the first snow on mountain peaks. All those are signs of summer giving up to throw us back into our shelters and sink into our big fat, comfy couches. But don’t let this quick change of season fool you. September is often and unexpectedly a marvellous month for the mountain with warm sunny days and spectacular colors.

To extend your desire of summer, sport and fresh air, there is nothing better than Bormio Bike. The bike park of Bormio will, in fact, be open on a few special days during this month because we just don’t wont to give up downhill mountain biking so soon. This weekend the new Zombie track will be inaugurated. It’s a fantastic 1,400-meter-long flow trail in the woods, with a vertical drop of 253 meters, totally built with bulldozers.

All inclusive package

Discover the All inclusive packages of Bormio Bike! The price includes mountain bike, full face helmet and protectors, and the bike pass to enter the bike park! [learn_more caption=”ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES BORMIO BIKE PARK”] ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES | BORMIO BIKE TYPE ADULT REDUCED Half day € 48.00 € 42.00 1 day € 65.00 € 54.00 2 days € 118.00 €…

The new tracks of Bormio Bike

Three weeks ago Bormio Bike, the bike park at 3,000 meters, has opened its doors. During this short time, the park has been changing continuously but its transformation has not been completed yet and will proceed during August as well. The shapers Fabio and Filippo have been working with no break; shovel, pickax and rake, basically, have become their loyal and best friends. Pierino’s excavator has never stopped and so far it has given us a lot of new kilometers of tracks. The downhill tracks Paul Newman and Viper are, in fact, entirely new.

Park Le Motte. From July 25 to September 6 In the small town called Le Motte the City Hall of Valdisotto has set up a bike park of  “easy downhill“, thought for sports and nature lover and mainly for families, who are always looking for suitable activies for their children. The chairlift Le Motte-Dossaccio takes you up from 1,420 m to 1,733 m in less than ten…

Le novità del 2015 di Bormio Bike

A pochi giorni dall’apertura ufficiale, confermata per sabato 4 luglio 2015, iniziamo a svelare quelle che saranno le novità del 2015 di Bormio Bike. Lo scorso anno, il park offriva solamente due piste da downhill lavorate con le ruspe, il Golf Club (divertente percorso all’interno del bosco – video) e il Cool Ride (single trail veloce e panoramico – video), oltre ad una pista nera, la Panther, e ad un’infinita varietà di percorsi semilavorati come il Valbella e la Ghost House, sentieri da cross country e freeride.

Bormio Bike Opening 2015

FEBRUARY 11, 2015 – BORMIO Bormio Bike, the bike park at 3,000 meters, will be back with great news from July 4 to September 6, 2015. Following some special openings: September 12-13, 19-20, 24-25-26-27, 2015. SIB SpA is very close to sign a new contract with Gravitalia in order to host a new stage of the…

Bike pass prices

Bike pass prices 2015. [learn_more caption=”BIKE PARK PRICES BORMIO 2015″] Purchase the bike pass to enter the lifts Bormio-Bormio 2000 and Whitelady3000! Take advantage of the PROMO SEASONAL PASS at only 98.00 Euros!! It’s valid for Bike Park Le Motte too! BIKE PASS RATES | BORMIO 2015 DURATION ADULT REDUCED 1 day € 20.00 € 16.00 2 days €…

Snow at the bike park!

Today Mother Nature has given us an unusal gift considered the fact that we are in mid August.. At 3,000 meters the temperature had dropped below 0° C and the white of snow had colored our day. Here some pictures of the bike park of Bormio which had been literally covered by snow! Bormio |…

There’s a new sport in Bormio: DOWNHILL!!

8-8-2014 We are so close to the inauguration of the new downhill tracks on the Mt. Vallecetta… Save the date on your calendar: on Saturday August 9, 2014 Bormio is debutting into the national gravity panorama presenting three brand new tracks. The project Bormio Bike is about to fly as the downhill enthusiasts will be flying…