Saturday July 2 the Opening of the Gravity Park Bormio Bike

The wait is finally over, on Saturday July 2 we are inaugurating the official downhill season in Alta Valtellina (Lombardy, Italy) with the opening of the Gravity Park Bormio Bike.

Last weekend we have already showed a tasty preview of Bormio Bike’s summer season by hosting the Round #3 of Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia. We are getting serious, therefore, Bormio Bike is about to launch the gravity park that defeats the Law of Gravity. It’s going to be an overwhelming mountain biking experience: cross country, freeride and downhill trails stretched on a breathtaking vertical drop of 1,800 meters.

In the video here below the official video of Gravitalia 2016 in Bormio.

National Circuit Gravitalia 2016 – Rd #3 Bormio

The National Circuit Gravitalia 2016 will be back in Bormio (Lombardy, Italy) on June 25/26.

The stage in Valtellina will come after the races of Spiazzi di Gromo (BG) and Frabosa Soprana (CN) and three weeks before the National DH Champs of Abetone (PT).

Gravitalia is then launching the summer season of Bormio Bike in the best way possible. Bormio Bike, the gravity park that defeats gravity, is opening the following weekend, on Saturday July 2, 2016. 

National Circuit Gravitalia 2016

DH Italian Champs 2017 in Bormio!

The DH Italian Champs 2017 in Bormio: it is not the freshest news since it dates back to November 11, 2015. The Italian Cycling Federation released an official press bulletin giving out the names of the locations hosting the next champs 2016 and 2017.

For us, in Bormio Bike, was one of best update ever and a great honor because it meant that Bormio was finally among the top bike parks among the Italian scene.

Now, after the winter pause, we are back! Our attention is focused on the race course which, very soon, is going to host the Gravitalia and next year the Italian Champs.

Campionato Italiano DH a Bormio. Il logo di Bormio Bike

Gravity Camp 2016

Who wouldn’t like to become a pro of gravity mountain biking? From today you can thanks to our new project Gravity Camp 2016: an activity that our bike park is recommending in collaboration with a great friend of us, a wonderful bike rider and an mtb instructor: Alessandro Pigorini (a.ka. “Ale Kid”).

Gravity-Camp-2016-rider jump

Gravitalia 2016. Bormio’s stage on June 25/26!

The National Circuit Gravitalia 2016 will be in Bormio at the end of June. That represents a nice comeback and an event not to be missed for all the people who love gravity mountain biking.

Bormio has entered the circuit in 2014 with a constantly renovated track which allows the athletes to ride on an itinerary both fun and adequate for the increasing level of the riders.

Gravitalia 2016. Fettuccia di gara con logo Gravitalia

The race course has a vertical drop of 600 meters and and a full length of 3 km. The start is located in Valbella (2.527 m), easily reachable by the chairlift Bormio 2000-Cimino.

The finish line is in Bormio 2000 (1,952 m), which will also host the paddock area and the prize giving ceremony within a marvellous natural environment.
The race course, generously updated on the previous edition, is going to be renew again for 2016.

The stage of Bormio represents a last testing ground for the athletes who are going to join the Downhill Italian Champs in July.

Gravitalia 2016. Bormio 2000 nell'edizione 2015.

Gravitalia 2015 – Splendid final

Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia – Rd #4 BORMIO Final

It was a real splendid day yesterday for the Round#4 of Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia which took place in Bormio (SO), among breathtaking views of white mountain peaks surrounding Bormio 2000.


The race course started from 2,600 meters. It was a longe and fast course, totally built with bulldozers, with a technical central part and lots of parabolic curves. The ground progressively had dried from mud, residual of a prior snowfall, becoming faster and more demanding.

Oscar Härnström (Exceptio Sport Commençal) was the best at understanding the course and marking the lower time painting fabulous curves and letting his power off on the pedals. He won the final in Bormio with the time of 4’56″90, improving his yesterday’s winning seeding run of more than 6 seconds.


Excellent performance by Carlo Caire (AB Devinci Italy) who got second place and gained precious points for the rankings.

The Italian Champion Francesco Colombo (AB Devinci Italy) closed in third position, half second distant from his team mate. With the points gained here, he reinforced his leadership in the circuit with great chances of winning the title.

Francesco Petrucci (Team Cingolani) finished fourth, victim of a mistake who threw him off the course. Stefano Mezzetta (360 Degrees) made the fifth place after a long hotseat who awarded him for being the first closing under 5’10″.

Veronika Widmann (ABC Egna Neumarkt) won the final run with a wonderful 5’39″59 despite the injury occured during the seeding run.


Eleonora Farina (Mangusta Bike) finished in second place, only one hundredth of second slower than Veronika. The pro season in the Women category has never been so competitive as this year. Anyhow Eleonora has kept the jersery of leader of the circuit. Third place for Elisabetta Canovi (Team Cingolani).

Sara Mologni (Scout Nukeproof), our mechanic for Bormio Bike, won here for our great satisfaction and confirming her control over the category Women Amateur.

Among the Amateru Men, Paolo Alleva (Scout Nukeproof) closed with best time. Fabrizio Dragoni (Alessi Racing) got the second place, keeping the leader jersey. Third place for Luca Fusani (GS Pro-M),.

Rankings Final – Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia \\ Rd#4 – Bormio
Rankings Final (Categories) – Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia \\ Rd#4 – Bormio

The Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia will be back on October 17-18, 2015 in Santo Stefano d’Aveto.


Snow alert? No panic. Gravitalia confirmed.

And so it happened that on September equinox a severe snow alert was on. 15 cm of fresh snow in Bormio 2000 and about 50 cm in Bormio 3000. A real heavy report to face just a few days before the race of the National Circuit Gravitalia.

“No panic.” That’s the message launched by our technical director Pasquale Canclini. “The low-pressure area is about to leave us in favor of clear sky and higher temperatures. The situazione will drastically improve tomorrow. Within the next few hours we are going to move our snow groomers to clear the race course. And then the weather will help us. The opening of the lifts is confirmed for tomorrow but delayed of a few hours. The chairlift Bormio 2000-Cimino will be open from 2:00 pm.”

Round #4 Gravitalia a Bormio

Bormio Bike chiude la propria stagione estiva con un evento imperdibile per gli amanti del downhill. Il bike park ospiterà il Round #4 del Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia nei giorni 26/27 settembre 2015. La gara, alla quale prenderanno parte centinaia di rider, si correrà su un percorso interamente rinnovato con l’inserimento di sezioni tecniche e di sezioni lavorate a ruspa. Si comincia sabato mattina con le prove libere e qualifiche nel pomeriggio ed infine domenica alle ore 13:00 il momento più atteso, manche di gara – finale.

Il circuito, organizzato da Gravitalia e patrocinato dalla Federazione Ciclistica Italiana, è ospitato da altre quattro località della penisola. Di seguito il calendario completo:

  • 25/26 Aprile – Round #1 – SPIAZZI di GROMO (BG)
  • 30/31 Maggio – Round #2 – FRABOSA SOPRANA (CN)
  • 27/28 Giugno – Round #3 – ABETONE (PT)
  • 26/27 Settembre – Round #4 – BORMIO (SO)
  • 17/18 Ottobre – Round #5 Finale – SANTO STEFANO d’AVETO (GE)

Summer Gravity Camp

At Bormio Bike we like to teach downhill to beginners and not only. From August 13 to 22 the bike park of Bormio will organize the Summer Gravity Camp with the special participation of the mtb instructor Alessandro Pigorini.

Two types of camps will be available: the Safety Camp, a theory and practice course of two days for those who would like to start doing downhill mountain biking and learn in total safety all the secrets of it and the Race Camp, again lasting two days, but focusing on the study of the race track of Round #4 of Gravitalia.

The Safety Camps will be available in three different dates: August 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 while the Race Camps on August 19-20 and 21-22. For both types of camps we ask to make a reservation.

Bormio Bike Park hosting Round #4 of Gravitalia 2015

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Round #5 Gravitalia Video & photo gallery

Bormio Bike has made its first appareance into the National Circuit Gravitalia showing off its amazing potential. A few good signs have certainly been pointed out and now it’s time for Bormio to make it to the next level for the final quality step and consolidate its position among the Italian DH overview. The brand new track,…

Qualifying run Gravitalia | Round # Bormio

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The Italian Downhill Champs’ Final in Bormio!

Here we go..! Bormio has finally made a big step into the national gravity world! From July 5, 2014 Società Impianti Bormio is launching a new project, named “Bormio Bike” – an equipped bike park offering mtb trails of different disciplines like downhill, freeride and cross country for all levels, from beginner to pro. The big news of the summer is…