In Bormio (Lombardy, Italy), in the heart of Alta Valtellina, you find Bormio Bike Park: the gravity park that defeats the Law of Gravity.

We are a full Mountain Biking experience: the bike park offers, as a matter of fact, the mtb trails of cross country, freeride and downhill stretched along an amazing 1,800-meter vertical.

By us, you will also find a bike rental and assistance for a great and safe gravity day.

Why Bormio Bike Park?

Essentially for two main reasons.

  1. In Bormio there has never been a bike park but there’s always been the need of it. And so, here we come. Bormio Bike Park represents a new type of offer in the district of Bormio.
  2. The wonderful vertical drop of the mountain (about 1,800 m) was un unbelievable potential that had to be used.

Bormio Bike Park’s goal is to build an equipped bike arena with trails of different difficulty in the various disciplines of mountain biking. This means, we DO NOT want to offer only Downhill Mountain Biking but embrace the whole world of gravity and mtb with trails of:

  • cross country
  • freeride
  • downhill

Who we are today comes from what we have built in the past

Bormio Bike Park is a project led by Società Impianti Bormio s.p.a., born in the spring of 2012 in collaboration with Comunità Montana Alta ValtellinaBormio CIty Hall, Valdisotto CIty Hall and Scuola Mountain Bike Bormio.

Building a bike park is not as easy as you may think. And it’s not about the money. It takes competence and patience. You want to know our secret? We have a deep passion for the mountain bike and the mountain, and we are a close team of collegueas but also friends.

Bormio Bike Parks’s milestones

  • June 2012 | introduction of bike signage on the Mount Vallecetta
  • July 2014 | building of downhill trails and opening of bike rental
  • 13/14 September 2014 | Bormio Bike Park hosts the final of Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia
  • 26/27 September 2015 | Bormio Bike Park hosts the Round #4 of Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia
  • 25/26 June 2016 | Bormio Bike Park hosts the Round #3 of Circuito Nazionale Gravitalia
  • July 2016 | summer opening of the chair lift Bormio 2000-Cimino
  • 22/23 July 2017 | Bormio Bike Park hosts the Italian Downhill Championship
  • 29 June 2019 | Bormio Rental opening

We are many people… Those are just some of our faces…

the team of bormio bike park

  • Unique in Italy

    Beautiful bike park! Maybe the only one in Italy from 3,000 to 2,000 meters!!! And the rescue service is impeccable.

    Francesco S (Reviews Facebook Page @bormiobikepark)
  • Wonderful trails

    Wonderful trails and welcoming people! Thanks for fixing my flat tire on the track! Congratulations! Keep it going!

    Fabio B (Reviews Facebook Page @bormiobikepark)
  • Nice tracks and people

    Nice tracks (not so hard, just awesome and fun), good bikes, and mostly nice people… Just enjoy!

    Cholera B (Reviews Facebook Page @bormiobikepark)